Born from a deep passion for Islam and impactful partnerships; we've taken the opportunity to work with fair trade co-operative farmers, social enterprises and charitable organisations. Not only does this bring us incredible ingredients, working in this way forms the ethical foundation for all our products.


Immerse yourself in these trusted, miraculous ingredients for complete health and skin vitality!

Organic and Wild harvested herbs, plants, fruits and exotic butters in their wholesome, unrefined state.

No synthetics, parabens or toxic additives.


Our moral compass is a beautiful rarity and our halal certification is so much greater than simply our ingredients and hygiene standards.

Halal tayyib encapsulates the entire eco system; essentially this means we operate ethically, sustainably and justly showing love for humanity, animals and our beautiful planet.

We are passionately challenging the skincare status quo; In supporting us, you too are making that stand to see positive change against unethical practices that firmly exist today.


An investment in your skin is an investment in their future!

We plant an olive tree in Palestine with every standard sized Salsii order.

“Planting hope and affirming their right to land and livelihood” Zaytoun - Tree for Life programme