Tayyib means wholesome, excellent and causes no harm. It goes deeper than the basic premise of whether something is permissible.

It encourages us to question how people, animals and the planet have been treated from its origin right through to being in your home.

“O ye people! Eat of what is on earth, Halal and Tayyib and do not follow the footsteps of the evil one, for he is to you an avowed enemy”

(Surat al-Baqarah, v168)


We’re so blessed to take inspiration from the prophet’s pharmacy (pbuh) and fully embracing the tayyib philosophy; Here's a little insight into the enormous impact we can have together.

How we strive for Tayyib


The origin of our raw materials is a driving force for us, we’re incredibly passionate about working with small farming co-operatives and social enterprises; our Desert Date Seed and Olive Oil supports a local community, creating a complete eco system in its own right – our other ingredients outside of these partnerships are uncompromisingly fair trade, sustainable and non-GMO – good for you, them and the environment.

“If you don’t farm it yourself, make an effort to buy things which have been produced responsibly and kindly. Every penny you spend in this way changes the way we treat the world for the better”.

Dr. TK Harris


With over 40m people including children involved in modern slavery today, the “green” skincare industry is not immune to this. Some of the most impacted ingredients (relevant to the beauty industry) are natural butters, vanilla, palm oil and mica. We specifically avoided the use of these ingredients as these supply chains are not easy to navigate.

Going “green” with your skincare doesn’t always mean going ethical. We only purchase whole, unrefined ingredients which hugely reduces our supply chain; our “ethically clean” approach is non-negotiable, and we partner with suppliers who hold those same values and provide transparency within their supply chain.


Our products have been years in the making, one of the reasons is because we removed numerous endangered ingredients from our formulas. Each ingredient has been sourced from a handful of sustainable farms, ensuring we are not adding to the environmental damage including deforestation, animal extinction and water pollution which sadly exists on a mass scale.

Our bottles and jars are made from a premium bioenergetic violet glass which protects the integrity of our ingredients and can be creatively upcycled.

Our mailer boxes are recycled and recyclable. Our tissue wrap are created from the off cuts in the tea bag industry!


Wild harvested ingredients are a part of a natural, healthy eco-system; wild botanicals grow in abundance with no human intervention including no fertilisers or pesticides.

Diverse plant species that remain untouched are an independently, functioning system. In simple terms, it lets nature ‘do its thing’ in the most beautiful of ways. Our environment, freshwater resources and all living species are protected, additionally it provides nutrients, food resources and climate stability.

We cannot afford to lose the benefits that come with biodiversity and by working with nature, we can each play a part in helping our planet and all that’s within it, to thrive.

if we decided to become organic certified, we would have restrictions preventing us from working with these incredible farms that benefit the environment and local communities.

That’s why you’ll see a combination of organic and wild harvested ingredients in our formulations, the criteria is really “is this ingredient playing a positive role for people, animals and the planet?"