Desert Rain Reviews

“ It may be a little early to tell - I’ve been using it for 4 days and I love it. My skin is clear, and even. ”


“ The cleansing is super effective, used with the oil, it cleared away dead skin cells & exfoliated my skin to a smooth texture. The oil is potent, only a tiny amount does a lot. ”


“ Smoother, seems more hydrated, especially after application. It helps give a glow to the skin. Has helped to reduce a dry patch that was forming on my temple. Initially I was applying the oil to a dry face. Recently I just try to apply it on a slightly damp face, definitely then glows more after. I could feel my skin absorbing it slightly better as well. ”

Zainab Lawal

“ Looks supple and nourished and glowy! ”


Wash Cloth Reviews

“ I use it before bedtime to take my make-up off, and first thing in the morning. All traces of make up and creams /oils are removed with just the cloth and plain water, which I find works well for my skin. I tend to use the softer side for around the delicate eye area and the exfoliating side for the rest of the face, mouth and lips. Afterwards, my skin feels and looks extremely soft and clear. It’s like I’ve had a facial, but with no chemicals / additives involved. I’ve always been minimalistic with what I put on my face, therefore these cloths are just what I need as I get older (grand old age of 60), and they are very good quality. I imagine they will last for a very long time. They wash really well too. No time-consuming skincare regime for me now! ”


“ I love the washcloth soft side! Our washcloths have been bothering both my daughter's and my skin lately... I've used the face oil on my hands too and I've noticed both on my face and hands a better texture already... I've only been using it a few days. For me, this means the product is good because I have extra sensitive skin right now and I had no adverse reactions. at first I was concerned about the fragrance going to bother me as I'm ultra-sensitive to oils on my face or body with too much fragrance. The face oil was perfect and my daughter commented she loved the smell of it! I like it too. ”


“ Loving the adequately sized, dual-sided washcloth, able to flip it around depending on your preferences. On one side, great for gently exfoliating, buffing the skin and removing the last traces of makeup, dirt, and sunscreen. On the other side, a softer texture that glides over the face that won’t irritate the delicate skin (particularly around the eyes).”

“Aligns with my values - sustainable, ethically and socially aware. I love the fact that by purchasing these, we can help Give back - circle of Empowerment! ”