Wash Cloth


We are so excited for you to get your hands on these fair-trade beauties, for what they represent ethically, and how it performs; it’s a warm spiritual hug that results in incredible skin!


A pack of 3 super effective, dual sided, organic cotton wash cloths.

These wash cloths are all about embracing the beauty of nature whilst making a stand for the fair treatment of people, our wildlife and in striving for more planet protectingproducts.


Let me tell you how:

◆ £1 donated to Muslim communities who are suffering around the world (Mar-May 22 is supporting the Yemen crisis)

◆ Your cloths will be delivered in planet saving recycled and recyclable packaging

◆ Certified by GOTS and the Soil Association which means:


- There is equality and fair treatment of all workers from harvest to labelling.

- Organic farming protects the planet’s eco system, the local communities and animals within it.

- Trust in knowing these high standards are assessed by one of the most credible and internationally recognised certifying bodies.


These wash cloths are incredibly versatile, here’s just a few ways to get you started: 

Firstly, choose your preferred side, either a soft brushed cotton or a woven, textured side.


◆ Hot cloth cleanse (or cold for inflamed skin) with your choice of cold pressed oil (we love extra virgin olive or grape)

◆ Removing makeup, face masks and sunscreen

◆ A thorough, yet gentle exfoliation, even if you have sensitive or breakout prone skin

◆ A hot towel treatment for therapeutic, essential oil use

◆ Babies bath time ensuring 100% natural, unadulterated fabric on your baby’s delicate skin


100% GOTS and Soil Association certified, unbleached cotton