Green Oasis


*** Due to popular demand please note, when purchasing Green Oasis, your product will be dispatched the week commencing 25/04/22.

This is because the henna leaves are slowly macerating in our Salsii apothecary and your oil will be one of a small, limited number of freshly made products. ***


A skin loving, phytonutrient rich cleansing treatment that’s filled to the brim with prophetically prescribed, unadulterated ingredients. A hot cloth experience that gently lifts grime, make up and pollutants leaving behind a fresh, silky smooth yet fed complexion.

A gift from us – you’ll receive a multi purpose organic wash cloth when purchasing the green oasis.


◆ This traditional cleansing method is based around the “oil absorbs oil” philosophy which gently dissolves (rather than stripping) built up debris and make up.

◆ A must have, multi purpose blend that works in beautiful harmony with your skin’s natural microbiome.

◆ Clinical trials show an increase in hydration and an ability to correct environmental damage within the epidermis resulting in visibly healthy skin.

◆ Brings comfort to and reduces skin irritations including dermatitis, acne, rosacea, rashes and scarring, and psoriasis and discolouration.


    Hot cloth cleanser

    ◆ Take 4-6 pumps and warm between your hands.

    ◆ Enjoy a mini face massage when applying to your face and neck area which gives your skin a cheeky circulation boost.

    ◆ Choose either the soft cotton or exfoliating side of your wash cloth - listen to your skin, our skin changes throughout the month.

    ◆ A little tip; you can cool your wash cloth if you experience redness/inflammation, this will bring some instant relief (run under cool water or place in the fridge for a few minutes beforehand!).

    ◆ Run your washcloth under warm to hot water and place over your face, let this step open your pores and gently lift make up and built up debris; wipe away and repeat if needed.

    ◆ Only use the brushed cotton side for the delicate eye area and for very sensitive skin types.

    ◆ Complete with a few extra drops of Green Oasis or your usual face moisturiser.


    Overnight mask or moisturiser

    This powerhouse formula has time to renew, protect and begin the skin’s healing journey.

    ◆ Follow the cleansing steps above but don’t wipe off.

    ◆ Apply to a damp face or after a shower or after making ablution.

    ◆ Take your time to gently massage any areas of dryness, irritation, or inflammation; focus on the areas that need a little extra love.

    ◆ Leave on overnight to fully absorb.

    ◆ In the morning, simply rinse your face with warm water or by using your hot cloth, the oils will be fully absorbed.



    Do not ingest. If ingested, consult a doctor. If eye irritation occurs, stop using and rinse abundantly with water. If irritation persists, consult a doctor.

    A patch test is recommended 24hours prior to first use.


    Skin feel - Cleansed, plump, nourished.

    As a moisturiser: Hydrated, protected and beginning to repair damage.

    Skin types - All skin types will benefit from this formula including dehydrated or dry, ageing, and problematic/damaged skin types. Acne prone has been shown to tolerate very well.

    Please try a smaller trial size Green Oasis if you have extremely sensitive skin.

    Scent - Formulated with no essential oils for those who prefer a blend for delicate/sensitive skin and for use around the eye area.

    There’s a gentle natural scent of olives and herbs.


    Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil*, Nigella Sativa (Black) Seed Oil*, Cassia Auriculata (Henna) Leaf Extract**, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)**, Camellia Sinensis,(Green Tea) Leaf Extract**

    100% of the total ingredients are certified halal by “Department of Halal Certification Europe”

    ** Responsibly wild harvested, fair trade 

    * Certified organic